||| How We Do It

Complete & customizable solutions. Let's connect.

Our approach is different. We take pride in the strength of team collaboration and intuitive strategy. We have the adaptability to take on whatever demands are in front of us for you to be successful.


You are the manufacturing expert, we are the Target expert, and together there is power in the combination. 

Sales & Strategy

As your strategic sales partner, we become an extension of your team.

Analytics is what sets us apart and is the North Star in everything we do.

Our approach to category management goes far beyond reporting the numbers. 


Current and future trend insights foster innovative product solutions.

With the retail environment constantly changing, we are here to support your impromptu needs.

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||| What Our Clients Say

"bsg has been the difference-maker for our company. From taking logistical tasks off of our plate to building a business strategy that blends our initiatives with Target’s plans, bsg knows how to get it done. They’re a great partner and fantastic addition to our team!"

"The bsg team has been a best in class partner to our team for business management, analytics, and strategic planning. Their team is knowledgeable and is able to quickly learn and add value to any business. The team supported our company during multiple extended leaves of absence and drove continuity so that we did not miss any key deliverables with the customer and the internal team."

"The bsg Catman Team continues to bring an immense amount of analysis and data to present an unbiased point of view. They are always willing to jump in and assist in any way that they can, whenever they can. They bring positive, can-do attitudes to every situation, and their willingness to go the extra mile is evident each and every day. We are so grateful for their expertise, willingness to learn, try new ideas, and their all-around team-first mentality"