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Our creative trend division is built with designers and merchandisers who are passionate about product and trend. We are experts in identifying and applying trends to product strategy and design, always leading with the brand ethos.

Forecasting, market and social media analysis, consumer insights- each component offers a new view of our current and future market. Our dedicated team has the tools, skills and capabilities to analyze every angle, offering in-depth insights from macro trends to product specific opportunities. Whether you are looking to gain an understanding of the market, connect with a consumer or align your product to a specific brand, bsg can help customize a project that will accomplish your goals.

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Most Recent Reports

2026 future_alex-wong-l5Tzv1alcps-unsplash- edit

2026 Future Global Macro Trends

An analysis of the state of the world today, and how it is shaping the consumers of tomorrow. This assessment of consumer values, motivations and needs will help create a roadmap for big ideas that can be implemented across all categories in design, merchandising, commerce and industry.

2024 ODL- abiwin-krisna-UbefsL8HNCs-unsplash- edit

2024 Outdoor Living Market Analysis

Market shopping analysis for top trends in seasonal outdoor living with a focus on graphic themes, products and materials. Identifies future color and material trends.




2025 Beauty content-pixie-7K4mlDH6wZo-unsplash- edit

A/W '25 Beauty Insights

Identification and analysis of trends across beauty, grooming and personal care including consumer archetypes, trending colors, key ingredients and more.



2024 Spring Market Analysis

2024 Spring Seasonal Market Analysis

Market shopping analysis for emerging trends in spring seasonal products with a focus on Easter as well as key graphics, materials and categories. Identifies opportunities for future development.


AW 2025 Home Consumer

A/W '25 Home Consumer 

Explore Autumn/Winter 2025 color, material, finish and form trends across home categories.





2024 Wellness Trends_camille-brodard-Q7c8BxMPLKo-unsplash- square

2024 Wellness Trends

Understand the upcoming and enduring trends in Wellness products, technologies and consumer priorities.





Additional Reports Available