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||| Strategic solution-based sales.


At bsg you get an entire team and we’ve got you covered. Getting on the shelf is vital, staying there is key, continued growth is the ultimate goal. The synergy of your bsg team will provide leadership in influential strategy, analytical insights, and everyday support of forecasting, execution, inventory, and logistics.

We begin with

 Immersion on goals and objectives for both you and Target
Integrating with your team on getting to know your expertise and strengths
Performing market landscape and competitive analysis
Layering in industry analysis
Becoming your ambassador at Target
 Bringing our strength in focused strategic planning
Collaborating on the build of influential, on point, Target-focused plans of action and finalizing the story for success
Bringing an entire team of support for all levels of your internal team and Target’s
Providing leadership in analytical reporting, forecasting, and everyday support of logistics

We continue to

Take the everyday demands off your plate and keep you informed at the same time
Build meaningful relationships
Be persistent and consistent in ongoing asks for Target
Build thought leadership & optimize strategic cycles
Cultivate opportunities for growth, promotion, profit, and incrementally
Function as your problem solver and ideator
Act as your messenger, negotiator, and ambassador
Be your strategic partner

What Our Clients Say

"bsg has been the difference-maker for our company. From taking logistical tasks off of our plate to building a business strategy that blends our initiatives with Target’s plans, bsg knows how to get it done. They’re a great partner and fantastic addition to our team!"

Our services are customizable to fit your needs

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